Stay Well This Winter – What We Recommend

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Stay Well This Winter, here are some things we recommend:

  • Make sure you get your flu jab; we still have some vaccine available – please contact us to make an appointment if you are eligible for a free flu jab. We are still offering Covid vaccine too.
  • Keep your home at 18°C (65°F) or higher if you can.
  • There are several ‘Warm Spaces’ available in the Huntingdon area including the Coneygear Centre near the Acorn Surgery and other locations across the town.
  • Take advantage of financial schemes and discounts to help you pay for heating.
  • Visit your local pharmacist as soon as you start to feel unwell with the symptoms of a respiratory winter illness.
  • Keep some medicines at home to treat minor ailments such as a cough, cold or sore throat.
  • Look out for other people who may need a bit of extra help over the winter.