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Bowel Screening

Nearly 43,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year in the UK and it’s the 4th most common cancer. The chance of cure is much better if this cancer is detected at an early stage rather than at a later stage. Symptoms of bowel cancer can include a change in normal bowel habit, bleeding from the back passage or blood in poo. These can also be symptoms of other conditions but it is important not to ignore them. Bowel cancer can start in the large bowel (colon cancer) or back passage (rectal cancer). It is also called colorectal cancer. Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns about possible symptoms. There is more information about this on our website.

There is a national screening programme in place where everyone aged 60 to 74 years who is registered with a GP is automatically sent an NHS bowel cancer screening kit every 2 years. The programme is expanding so that everyone aged 50 to 59 years will be eligible for screening, starting with 56 and 58 year olds so you may get a test through the post before you’re aged 60. Make sure we have your up to date address so your kit is posted to the right place. If you’re over 75 and still wish to be screened, you can contact the bowel screening helpline 0800 707 60 60.