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Clinics & Services

In addition to GP consultations the practice offers a wide range of clinics and healthcare services:

Chronic Disease Clinics

We run nurse-led clinics to monitor patients with medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease.  The experienced nursing team will advise you if you need to see the doctor about your condition.

Antenatal clinic

These clinics are run by Midwives and appointments can be booked in by telephoning the surgery or calling in to the reception.  The clinics are held on Mondays and Tuesdays between 09:30 – 12:00. If you have any questions about your maternity care, the Midwives can be contacted via the Surgery  reception.

Immunisation Clinics

These are usually held every Monday and Tuesday.  Immunisations are an important part of protecting a child’s health. If you need further information about vaccinations, please discuss your concerns with the health visitor or doctor.  Appointments for immunisations are sent by post.  There is ample room for buggies in our middle waiting area near the  immunisation clinic rooms.

Family Planning

We offer a range of family planning services including emergency contraception (morning  after pill), coil insertions, contraceptive implants and vasectomies  (see above tab).  Speak to one of our team for further information.

Health Checks

Everyone is at risk of developing heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes or kidney disease but these diseases can often be  prevented.  We offer the NHS Health Check at the  Surgery to adults between the ages of 40 and 74.  We will  assess your risk and offer  personalised advice on how to reduce it. The check includes:-

  • height & weight measurement
  • urine testing
  • cholesterol test
  • blood pressure check
  • dietary advice
  • smoking advice
  • exercise advice

The checks are carried out by our nursing team.  If you wish, we can refer you on to our personal health trainer to give you tailored support and guidance on your health and wellbeing.

Minor Surgery Clinics

We perform a wide range of minor surgical procedures at the practice such as joint injections and removal of some types of moles and warts.  Ask the doctor for advice.

Cervical Smear Screening

Women will be called for a routine cervical smear every  3 – 5 years depending on their age. This appointment can be booked with one of our fully trained nurses.

Chlamydia Screening

This is the most common sexually transmitted infection and 1 in 10 sexually active under 25 year olds will have this without having any symptoms.  If untreated, the disease can cause infertility. We encourage all patients aged 15 – 24 years to take a simple test for chlamydia.  This can be done by a simple urine test whilst in the surgery and the result will be sent direct to the patient, via text, email or post.

Mental Health

  • PRISM – primary care mental health worker. orker please Our doctors or nurses can refer you to our on-site psychiatric nurse who holds a clinic here on alternate Mondays.  We offer support for a range of issues such as anxiety and depression, return to work advice or any anxiety-related concerns.
  • Gainsborough Foundation – special counsellors work with our team in the surgery to see people with alcohol problems.  They provide a dedicated 1-1 confidential service to support people and their relatives with alcohol related  issues, including detoxification if necessary.  Ask at reception or one of the doctors about the service.
  • Richmond Fellowship  –  a specialist provider of mental health services with staff to help patients experiencing problems with employment due to a mental health problem. Ask for further details if this affects you or someone you know.