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Missing your appointment affects your GP Surgery!

Posted on April 28th, 2022

Last week 81 patients didn’t turn up for the appointments they had made at the Practice. This accounted for more than 27 hours of wasted clinical time – and unfortunately this wasn’t a one-off situation – the same scenario happens week after week.
We continue to receive complaints from patients that they find it difficult to get an appointment – the fact that many patients don’t turn up, and don’t take time to cancel their appointment allowing us to use it for another patient, has an impact on this – as often the patients who haven’t turned up for their appointment, then ask for a further appointment to be made, so causing more pressure on the system.
We have made available a dedicated appointment cancellation line, with no waiting involved, so a quick call to the Practice to leave a message to cancel will help us to continue to provide as many appointments as possible across the week.
With thanks to those patients who did keep their appointments or phoned to cancel.