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Paediatricians warn parents to be vigilant with eating disorders

Posted on February 18th, 2021

Eating disorder. Spot the signs

Services across the country have seen a huge rise in cases of anorexia nervosa and other food restriction disorders during the pandemic. A number of factors are thought to have contributed to increased stress,  a deterioration in young people’s mental health and an intense focus for some on eating and exercise during the pandemic. These factors include: isolation from peers during school closures, exam cancellations, loss of motivating extra-curricular activities such as sports, dance/drama/youth clubs; an increased use of social media with young people concentrating on unrealistic ideas of body image; being forced to quarantine (a particular problem for many students newly arrived at university); worries about families’ economic problems; illness or death of loved ones, and fears about contracting the virus.

BEAT eating disorders charity has a lot of useful information on their website.