GP Research

The Acorn Surgery believes in the power of research and plays an active role in many research studies. The practice is part of a network of General Practices in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough that host medical researches on a regular basis. Through recent years, the Practice has had a much higher total recruitment, this is all thanks to our patient engagement, however there is still more you can do to support research. 

We work collaboratively with the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research), CRN (Clinical Research Network) and Commercial Company Partnerships. Anyone registered within the practice could help to shape the future of health care by helping with research projects that you may be invited to participate in.

There are different levels of patient involvement for every research project. Some may be a single survey, or questionnaire, and some might be taking part in a clinical trial and require interviews. Please consider any patient information leaflets you may receive about the research carefully. If you are interested in finding out more about practice research, please feel free to contact a member of the Acorn Research Team.

The Acorn is looking at different ways of engaging with patients with Practice Research. If there is any way you feel we could improve, please provide your feedback through our website. 

For even more information on being part of research, visit:


You are completely at liberty to decline any request to take part in a research trial and your full consent will always be obtained before being included in a study. Invitations for studies are sent through the Practice, we will not share your personal details until consent is obtained. All staff involved in practice research are Good Clinical Practice (GCP) trained and aware of informed consent.

Current Active Research Trials

Hipdys Study

The Acorn Surgery currently taking part in the HipDys Study. This is a clinical checklist that will be put to practice at baby 8 week checks. The purpose of the study is to try and reduce inappropriate diagnosis and missed diagnosis of Congenital Hip Dysplasia in babies. follow the URL if you would like to find out more. 

Immune Defence Study

A research study designed to see if nasal sprays, getting active and reducing stress help people get fewer and less severe infections such as flu, colds and similar respiratory infections.

If you have received an invitation and would like to take part, please follow the URL link:  

Attack (Aspirin To Target Arterial events in CKD)
This Study relates to using aspirin in CKD patients. You may have received an invitation from the practice or may be eligible to take part. Follow the link to find out more and if you would like to take part contact the Research Administrator at the Acorn Surgery


The Acorn is currently taking part in the ERICA trial, this is a software trial identifying patients with a high cancer risk and does not require patient engagement.


This study is looking at ways to improve day to day management of asthma. This research study is looking at utilising specific resources and tools to see if there is any improvement in self-management of asthma, therefore reducing time spent at the GP Practice.


A research study looking into the effects of Stopping Aminosalicylate in Patients with inactive Crohn’s disease. If you are eligible to take part in this study, you will have received an invitation through the post to take part. If you would like to know more, please contact the Practice. 


This is an anonymised data extraction that will help identify if the Acorn can improve diabetic medications and treatment, in the hopes to improve adherence and quality of diabetic care. 

Previous Research Studies

You may have seen or heard from the Acorn about some of these now closed to recruitment studies: 

  • GLOW Study
  • BICS (Bisoprolol in COPD Study)
  • PAM Trial
  • CLIMB Survey