Visitor Check-In

If you are a visitor please confirm your physical presence on site

Please note:

Visitors’ information will be retained for 2 years in line with advice from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Visitors may wish to discuss this further or view the privacy or data retention policies.


ALL VISITORS Are subject to comply with Health and Safety Regulations

FIRE/EMERGENCY In the event of the Fire alarm sounding, please remain in the company of your host and only when safe to do so leave the building by the nearest exit

SMOKING Please abide by the company rules on not smoking on site

INCIDENTS & ACCIDENTS Must be reported immediately

CAR PARKING All vehicles are parked at the owners own risk

PLEASE RETURN YOUR BADGE TO RECEPTION and sign out before leaving the building


Confidential Information shall mean information of Acorn Surgery this is confidential, non-public, proprietary and/or generally not known to the public, to include but not limited to: any and all information relating to Acorn Surgery’s technology, business affairs, methods, strategies, formulas, know-how, product formulations, concepts, techniques, processes, designs, secrets, method, history, future planning, cost data, computer programs, software, scientific or technical knowhow, financial, marketing and other business information, third party technology and information in Acorn Surgery’s possession; and any and all vendor and patient information, whether such information be tangible, intangible, intellectual or otherwise.

In consideration of being admitted to Acorn Surgery’s facilities, I will hold in the strictest confidence any trade secrets or confidential information that is disclosed to me. I will not remove any document, equipment or other materials from the premises without Acorn Surgery’s written permission. I will not photograph or otherwise record any information to which I may have access during my visit.

Visitor shall hold Acorn Surgery’s Confidential Information in confidence and not disclose or divulge such Confidential Information, directly or indirectly, to any third party, or use or implement such Confidential Information, without Acorn Surgery’s prior written consent, except that this prohibition shall not apply to Confidential Information.

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