Changes to how you request your medication

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In the next few months we will be removing requests via email and moving to online requesting.

We understand that this will be a big change for our patients and this is why we are going to transition slowly over two months. By the 1st July 2023 patients will only be able to request medication in the following ways:

– Via NHS app

– Via our website online

– Via a handwritten form found at reception and posted in the paperwork box

We will remain unable to take verbal requests over the telephone.

The NHS email system has high levels of security and as a result we have found that a lot of patient’s emails have not been getting through to us. This leaves patients frustrated that their medication has not been issued or at pharmacy ready to collect when the patient needs it.

Ordering medication via the NHS app is very easy and clearly shows what medication you are on, when it was last issued and your nominated pharmacy.

With technology moving forward all the time we looked into ways of moving away from the email and finding new ways of requesting medication.

Even with our focus on the NHS app and ordering through our website we understand that there may be patients that will be unable to access our new services. If you are unable to use either of these methods of requesting your medication, please be assured we still accept paper requests for those who find it beneficial.